Public Shaming

I work for a company that manufactures a popular product found in many stores/physical therapist’s office. I take the occasional supervisor call so I wasn’t too concerned when a coworker said they were transferring one to me. This man had bought our product at a CVS and at his PTs office and said that the consistency was abnormal and the product is defective. I started talking through the issue and advised him to go to the point of purchase. I literally cannot credit/set up a return for something that never previously existed in our system?! I was professional, polite, and I also showed concern. I told him I’m happy to create a case detailing his issue that would be escalated to our quality team. (I’m customer service, I can’t do shit!) He went on a 15 minute tirade about how we are the worst company he has ever dealt with, everyone he knows hates us, we are sketchy, not helpful, and he’s been recording the entire conversation and will he posting it everywhere he possibly can (gave a crazy long list of where those places are). I could not get a word in edge wise. I finally had to interrupt politely and he made me state my name for his recording (I had already said it so whatever), and I tried politely addressing his concerns giving more detail as to why I couldn’t credit/send a return label for a product never purchased from us. He interrupts me to tell me now that he’s threatened e company I choose to be helpful. I interrupted to tell him none of the information I was sharing was any different. He berates me for another 5 minutes and I stay mostly silent. He asks if there was anything else I wanted to address and I froze and let out a slight um before he interrupted me and said this conversation is over. From there he put me down some more, swore this would be everywhere, and said goodbye. I didn’t say anything and he thought he had hung up. For the next 10 seconds I could hear him ask someone “did you get all of that?” I am so frustrated and angry. What I thought would be the only saving grace is that I could show my family the recording later to have their validation and reassurance while also making sure I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself since I was so nervous. Turns out the call doesn’t record when someone transfers to you. It’s crazy how a half an hour ordeal can shake your whole day up. I had to vent somewhere! I fully expect to see this call posted in some forum/review for us, guess I’ll know how I did then!

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When a customer is mad it is often not because of your company.