No, I won’t give you my last name, and no, I won’t be fired for this.

Just needed to get this Karen story off my chest. My department is practically the only one open in my company that’s still taking calls. This leads to our direct line landing on a lot of “get a person” websites and we’ve had to direct a ton of people to customer service chat since we’re not technically customer service and can’t really do their jobs for them. Anyways, plenty of people demand we transfer them to customer service because “I’m not tech savvy I’m not going to chat, I need to be helped over the phone”. Sure I get it chat isn’t how I like to deal with issues either, but that’s genuinely the only thing that’s open. We’re not required to walk people through getting a chat open but I do because sometimes these people really don’t get computers, so I help them as much as I’m allowed. Enter this Karen:

K: “No, I won’t go to chat you’re going to help me or transfer me to someone who can!”

M: “I’m sorry ma’am but customer service is only available over chat. If you want to resolve this you will have to start a chat with customer service, and I’m happy to walk you through how to do that.”

K: “No, I demand you tell me your name so I can have you fired for horrible customer service!

M: “Okay, my name is [First name]”

K: “And your last name”

M: “I’m not able to provide that to you”

K: “Tell me your last name [slur] I’m going to get your ass fired!”


M: “I can’t give you my last name. I can give you an ID number if you want that”

K : “No, your last name is what I want! You’re refusing me service and I won’t let you walk away from this”

Now at this point I’m ready to transfer to my Sup because she’s being abusive but as I’m about to suggest it, she offers me a different solution

K: “You’re going to transfer me to someone that can help me right now!”

M: “As I already told you, our customer service phone line is closed, if I transferred you to that you would get a message that it’s closed because of the pandemic”

K: “Transfer me there [slur] You’re getting your ass fired I don’t care how high I have to go”

M: “Okay I’ll transfer you. Goodbye”

Immediately put her on hold to put in the customer service number, which I dial, the message plays about them being closed, and I switch her over so he can hear it herself.

Amazing how offering to help people more than you have to can make them so visceral.

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