Karen living up to her name

Me: thank you for calling companyname, my name is me may I get you’re name please?

Karen: Uh, yeah it’s Karen Lastname

Me: proceeds with the whole verification process thinking if this karen is not going to get a manager then I’d be completely disappointed. How can I help you Karen?

Karen: Yes. I need to get a replacement check for the one I received in april . The bank I went to said they won’t cash it any longer

Me: We’ll see what we can do here. Let me review the check real quick. Just one moment please. Pulls up check and sees it is currently registered with no holds to it or anything. In fact the check would not go stale until the next month so there isn’t much we can do on our end here but just advice Karen to try other cashing stores. And even if it got voided we would have to refer them back to the institution that the check (the check was for her financial aid) came from originally.

Well, the check is still currently registered and does not have any stops or holds to it. As long as you have the merchant call us back here so we could verify it in our system then there shouldn’t be any problem. But since you mentioned they won’t be able to cash it any longer, I do suggest you try other cashing merchants instead. I can assure you as long as you have them call us back we’d be able to verify it to be cashed.

Karen: They are the only cashing store around here. Why can’t you just send me another replacement check

Me: *explaining to Karen how we could not just issue another check and that if she would like to, she’d need to request it directly from from her institution and not from us since our company is only a third-party.

Karen: Can I speak to your manager? This is ridiculous blah blah blah

Me: No problem, I’m more than glad to transfer you to my supervisor transfers to supervisor

My first over the phone encounter with a real Karen definately did not disappoint lmao but I’m glad it was over real quick. Good riddance Karen 👋

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