I’ve worked for a local media service which offers subscriptions, as chat support. Here are 50% of my customers:

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“I don’t know what this charge is for! I don’t use your service!”

The charge is literally for the account you’re logged in to right now, and I can see you’ve been using your account a lot.

“I’ve asked for you to refund the unauthorized charge I had but it turned out to be for my son’s account. You’ve disabled his account, how rude, and I want you to enable it again.”

Okay, I’ll just need to reverse the refund.

“No I want to keep the money. Just enable his account.”


“I’ve cancelled months ago, why am I still being charged!”

I can see you’ve cancelled literally just before you contacted us.

“But I did! Are you calling me a liar?”

Fine, we always email a confirmation when you cancel. Show us the email and we’ll honor it. Or a transcript of your chat if you contacted us to cancel it for you.

“But I cancelled through phone!”

We don’t have any phone support.


“I never consented to be charged by you!”

I can see your free trial just ended. We put it in our T&C’s as well as a dozen other places before you subscribe that you need to cancel before the end of your trial or else you get charged. So yes, you did authorize this payment.

“You’ve given me such a hard time cancelling my subscription! I meant to cancel 6 months ago! I want a refund!”

The cancel link is literally a single button on our website, you can’t miss it. It’s also on our support site and on the receipt we email to you monthly. You also could’ve contacted us during those 6 months, would’ve taken 2 minutes, but I guess you were too busy with, let’s see, using our service ever single day over the last year to do so, huh?

And this one, doesn’t happen that much but I get this frequently enough that it brings joy to my heart whenever it does.

“You have fraudulently allowed me to be charged twice a month for several months without giving me a warning of any sort! You’ll be hearing from my lawyer you scums!”

It’s not our fault that you 1) apparently don’t check your card statements for several months at a time and that you 2) signed up for two different subscriptions on two different accounts with two different email addresses and details. There’s no way for us to detect that you own both.

I could’ve also refunded you for the all the extra charges easily, as goodwill, but now that you’ve threatened legal action I have to escalate this and you’ll be hearing from us in a week’s time only to be told to eat dirt since we’re not legally obligated to return any money. Have a good life.

Obviously I didn’t respond that way exactly, but boy did I want to. It was a relatively easy job with good perks but you just get your usual load of entitled asshats.

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