It’s Not Buyers Remorse, I Just Don’t Want It Anymore

I don’t work in our disputes department, but they’re not available for most customers right now and I know most of our policies on disputes. So I have a customer that’s mad about how were processed a purchase she made and she wants her money back.

“Listen here, I didn’t know that was how the order was going to process so I want my money back”

“Well Miss you did confirm that purchase when you made it, that is would be processed through your bank not your credit”

“This is absurd, I don’t even want the thing anymore”

“Okay, well here is the contact information for the seller, if you want to cancel it you can work out something with them”

“That website doesn’t exist, and that phone number doesn’t work”

Yikes sounds like a scam, but they put in tracking for the item, so they sent her something at least. Normally we can dispute it if they don’t ship anything, but they sent it, and it looks like a legit business, so she’s not going to be happy with this…

“Well if you can’t work something out with the merchant, you won’t be able to get a refund”

“But I don’t want it anymore, can’t I just dispute the charge?”

“Well as long as you receive the item, no. Our purchase protection doesn’t cover buyer’s remorse, only unauthorized charges and items not received.”

“So what if I haven’t gotten it yet? I want to dispute it!”

“Then we would require them to provide us with a tracking number, which they have, that says it’s in transit. It’s set to be delivered in a few days.”

“But I don’t want it anymore! I’m going to refuse the package!”

Good luck with that, postal service doesn’t even check the names of who they’re delivering to let alone require signatures. Even if you refused it the delivery would show as refused, be returned to the sender, and we wouldn’t cover you if they attempted it at your address.

“I’m sorry but we wouldn’t be able to cover your purchase of you refuse the shipment. Like I said, we don’t cover buyers remorse.”

“It’s not buyer’s remorse! I told you I just don’t want it anymore. People are allowed to change their minds you know!

Yeah, but you paid for it, you confirmed it, and they already shipped it to you. They did exactly what they were supposed to, what you twice confirmed said you wanted, and you want to force them to eat the cost of the shipping, the processing they had to do to get you that, and maybe get it back? Sounds like you just want it for free hun and that’s exactly why we don’t cover this. If they want to be nice and refund you that’s on them but we’re not going to force them to.

She hung up after getting tired of repeating the same thing like she was going to suddenly say the magic words and get what she wanted. People are too spoiled from big companies paying for their customers stupidity.

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