I just realized my boyfriend is probably the worst caller some of you may have felt with…

And I’m so sorry you if you have. Bit of a rant..

Rn he’s on the phone with one of Apples call centers in AUS and it’s just so hard to listen to. He’s not one of the mean cursing types of Karen’s that y’all (myself included from when I was workin in a call center) but holy shit..

He’s beyond frustrated that his phone is messed up (lighting port broke on his brand new iPhone XR, I got mine at the same time and my phones fine) and he’s been trying to get it handled for the last 3 months cause it happened right as everything was shut down. He finally got an appointment at the Apple store to come in for the exchange, and then they canceled it today cause of the riots (we’re in the US)…. and they didn’t Vance it until 6pm.

So he’s been on the phone to one of the overseas center for 4 hours now… they can’t make an appointment until they call the Apple store here which is obviously closed and will be until Thursday. He’s a tech nerd, and kind of a know-it-all, and he’s just been telling this manager (who most likely has no control over the appointment systems or anything esp since he’s in frickin Australia or the UK or wherever they transfers him to this time) about a ‘simple implementation’ they could make to avoid this and how he won’t get off the phone until they connect him to someone who can talk to him about this implementation…..

Ugh 😑 if only I was better at talking him down from that BS…… I understand his frustrations, it what the hell do you think an underpaid call center manager is gonna do about that??

End rant…

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