Had a member experience racism on a call today

I hope this story is allowed, if not I apologize. I was just beyond furious when it happened and it hasn’t left my mind.

I work at an medical insurance company that covers a major metropolitan area on the east coast. Around an hour before the end of shift, I got a call from a very nice gentleman wanting his policy information so he can make doctors appointments and get some prescriptions, pretty simple stuff. A call you dream about as your last one for the day. It took around an hour to help him try to get his information through an email but sadly it wasn’t working out. While he’s filling out the needed information, we’re shooting the breeze talking about how technology is great but also a hinderance at times. He’s a black man in his mid fifties so he can for sure remember a time before internet and I’m a white woman in my early 30s (relevant, I promise!) so I grew up with internet. We’re bullshitting about that, and how social media has REALLY gotten out of control in the last few years. Of course we start talking about the protests and how we’re both trying to just bring some positive energy into the world. He tells me about the conversation he sadly had to have with his son when he was 12 and I talk about a few things I’ve noticed because my best friend is black and I’ve been out with her family. IN THE MIDDLE OF US TALKING ABOUT THIS, he’s interrupted by someone. I can barely make out what they’re saying but I keep hearing him say, “I’m just trying to get out of the sun, it’s hot. I just ate lunch and I’m on the phone with my insurance company. I’m on lunch, it’s shady over here, that’s all. Just trying to get some info so I can go on about my day.” He bids whoever a good day and apologizes to me. He proceeds to tell me that it was the manager at the Red Lobster across the parking lot from where he’s standing. He was asking if he was ok or whatever because he was making the patrons of the restaurant “uncomfortable” while standing outside.

YALL! I almost cussed into the phone! I was absolutely furious. I was like nah man, LET ME APOLOGIZE. I couldn’t believe what he was telling me! Jesus H tap-dancing Christ!

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Just frustrating.

I have to put you on hold to transfer you!