Anybody ever just…hang up?

No warning, no apologies? I’m surprised I haven’t gotten in any trouble for this. I know it’s a terrible practice, but when Old Fart doesn’t get his feet kissed I enjoy pushing the shiny, lovely, enticing red button on my iPhone. I will make this story short and vague so I don’t reveal information about the company I work for since I could get in real trouble.

PeePee: Thank you for calling! My name is PeePee, how may I help you?

Old Fart: YOU sent me a paper in the mail telling me to call YOUR number. -Starts to ramble-

(Keep in mind I am just a lowly agent. I don’t send anything.)

PeePee: -Cutting him off- Great! I can definitely help you with that! Could you read me the code?

Old Fart: I don’t want to participate!! I don’t want to read you the code! I want to know why YOU keep sending me these letters and not telling me what they are about! It’s marked URGENT! YOU need to stop sending me-

PeePee: Is there something that I can (actually) help you with? I’d be happy to explain but I need to verifying who I am speaking with for security reasons.

Old Fart: You need to tell me what this is about!! I’m not telling you anything!!!

PeePee: Absolutely! I can read you those proposals that you are being asked to participate on. -begins to read them despite not confirming his identity to shut him up-

Old Fart: No, I want to know why YOU keep sending me all these papers marked extremely urgent and why YOU AREN’T TELLING ME WHAT THIS IS ABOUT-

PeePee: -click-

I try to tell you, I really do. Company sends those vague letters because you old folks won’t answer our calls or emails regarding YOUR finances unless of course it’s on a mailed piece of paper marked urgent. Then you want to act like it’s important? Jeez. Get hung up on asshole.

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