What’s your absolute WORST CALL of all time?

I want to hear about the calls that are legends in your center. The ones where you still sit there thinking ‘wtf was wrong with that person?’ or ‘how the hell did I not go off on them and get fired?’.

Here’s mine, to kick things off.

I almost always volunteer to work major holidays, because a) I don’t care, and b) yay muneez!

A few years back, I worked my first ever Christmas Day shift. I’d been prepared for the usual – people with new tech toys they can’t figure out how to get online, little old ladies trying to watch Church services on TV, kids trying to get better speeds for their new gaming systems. It was a super slow day, with all callers pretty chill and just happy to reach a live voice. OK, not ALL callers. Just most.

My fourth caller had issues with their phone line. This is, I know, super frustrating, but there’s only so much I can do remotely. Fine, send a technician, they said. I had to explain we can’t do that on Christmas day – it would have to be the next day.

Nope, they want one NOW! Had to explain, again, that this is not happening. Well, that’s ok, because he knows that one of his neighbours works for us, so he’ll just go over there and get them to come fix it. Umm, don’t do that, I politely asked. Ummm, doing it, kbyeeee, caller responds.

And they did. At 5 pm on Christmas day, they stomped over to the house of one of our TOP BRASS to bitch that no one would send them a technician to fix their phone. Stood there, in the doorway, while Christmas dinner was being plated, to complain how useless we all are. And our top brass? Walked over to their house and actually checked out their phone, confirmed it needed a tech, and explained again that we’d get them one there the next day, only to get screamed at some more. Happy Holidays, y’all!

I have never forgotten the sheer cheek it would take to show up at someone’s house mid Christmas dinner to demand help.

So.. what’s yours?

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