That Time There Was A Deer.

So, long story short, I work as the overnight dispatcher for a parking company, which means I take the phone calls we get from people who need help/have questions etc. This call happened about 3 months ago.

Me: Hello ParkingCompany, how can I help you?

Caller: There is a deer in LotName.

Me: A deer?

Caller: Yes

Me: Is….is it dead? (thinking we needed to clean it up)

Caller: No. Its just in the lot and I was hoping you could do something about it.

Me:….Okay ma’am, we will see what we can do.

Caller: Thanks! -hangs up-

Which was followed by me laughing my ass off for a minute. Its a deer chilling in a parking lot, its not going to bother anyone. The lot she named is at the edge of our area, and is next to a forested area…there is wildlife that comes around from time to time.

Just a funny call I thought I would share.

Tl;Dr: There was a deer.

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