" Sure I’ll answer your question but let me provide the most unnecessary explanations to everything…."

Me: me C:c

Me: Hi how can I help today?

C: Well I just want to pay my membership because I just got paid today and I don’t want it to expire. Last year it expired and I need roadside assistance so I had to make a new one and blah blah blah……

Me: Okay. I can help with that. Just to verify your membership could I have the address?

C: Yes its Annoyingass st. in Idontshutup, NY 66666. But it used to be Whyme, Killme, Ny 55555. I moved because I saw this nice new house. It has wood floors and nice paint and blah blah blah…..

Me: …….alright. So what kind of card will you be using to make the payment today?

C: Well it’s a new Visa card. Let me tell you last year some people in China stole my card and they stole my identity and blah blah blah…..

Me: screams internally

Why why why? I genuinely do not understand! Why do people just waffle on endlessly in response to simple questions. At this point I don’t even pretend to be intrested but they just keep going on and on. It makes me want to tear my damn hair out!

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“I feel like I’m gonna to have to go full Karen here“

What were you doing?