Mr Silly likes to call us to ask what we are wearing, discuss recent condom adverts he has seen on TV and let us know how high he is

In my 14 years of working for a utility company in the UK there is one customer that stands out. At one point he was calling us up to 30 times a day, 5 days a week and I had the pleasure of speaking to him three times – for reddit I will refer to him as Mr Silly.

I’ll just note the guy was in arrears, never paid and was never calling about the utility service. I’ll also add that he was always strangely polite and never abusive in anyway. The notes were always wild. If he didn’t get through to a woman he would terminate right away and callback until he got one. He liked to ask what we were wearing in a creepy manor, talk about the recent condom adverts he had seen on TV and try to make plans with you for Valentine’s Day.

On one of the calls I took with him he told me he was high AF as he had spent the afternoon smoking weed. I said Mr Silly you shouldn’t do that… or at least if you do that go do something better than ring a call centre (I can’t judge as I’m a smoker myself but couldn’t think of doing anything worse than ring a call centre in that state).

Another time he called and spoke to one of my colleagues and told her he was looking after his young niece at this particular time – judging by the things he had told us about being impaired and a being bit of a sexual deviant my colleague was genuinely worried for the little girl in his care and reported this on to management.

When the company started investigating the weird pointless calls the guy was making they found he actually had an injunction put against him by his local council and social services departments – for basically being a pest like he was doing to us.

Now there is a huge marker on his account and when he calls we are to instantly ask him if he’s calling about his utility and if he says no we are to terminate the call in the first instance.

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