Give me what I want because I said so

Impatient Jane: The airline canceled my flights and you people told me I’d get my refund two weeks ago and I don’t have it. I’m tired of waiting; I want my money!

Me: I see you called in two weeks ago and my colleague canceled your flights per your request and got approval from the airline to refund you due to a schedule change. My colleague also advised you that refunds could take up to 8 weeks due to the high volume of refund requests from Covid-19.

IJ: Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it before, I need that money and I need YOU to expedite my refund.

Me: I’m sorry but I’m unable to expedite refunds.

IJ: Well I’m sorry but I find that ridiculous. You can see that I’ve been with your company for a long time and I’ve never had a complaint with you before. I’m sure you can do something for me.

Me: I do see you’ve been us for many years and we appreciate your loyalty with us. However, I am still unable to expedite refunds.

IJ: Oh really? So you’re telling me you’re not going to help me? That’s some great customer service. You know, I spoke to a much nicer gentleman from your company a while ago and he helped me with getting my refund from a different trip. And yet you’re not doing anything for me.

(Note: The refund she’s calling about is regarding a European airline with highly reduced staff right now. Based on her other itinerary, the reason my colleague worked on getting her refund out to her quicker was because it pre-Covid 19 and with a U.S. airline we have a stronger relationship with.)

Me: As I’ve said, I am unable to expedite refunds, including yours. This airline has advised there would be delays with refunds being processed due to limited staff because of Covid-19-

IJ; *scoffs* I don’t care about your same old Covid-19 dribble. Okay, get me a supervisor!

Me: Certainly but just to let you know, my supervisor would not be able to expedite your refund either.

IJ: *Didn’t listen to what I just said* Are you even listening to me? I said GET.ME.YOUR.SUPERVISOR. And I want YOUR name.

Me: *fed up with her at this point* My name is emerald-avenger, ma’am. I will need to place you on hold while I get my supervisor for you. Please be advised you will need to remain on the line.

IJ: I don’t have all day, your supervisor can just call me back if they’re not available right now.

Me: Our supervisors will be happy to speak with you but they do not perform callbacks.

IJ: Unbelievable, you people really don’t care about your clients anymore. Consider this the last time I ever book with you all. And if I don’t get my refund, I’m opening up a credit card dispute!

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