Freeman of the land warriors

Anyone else had one of these guys call in (especially utility guys)?

Remember one we had who insisted that we address his invoices not as *John Smith but as John of the Smith family. He actually got away with this for years until we realised he wasn’t paying and it was harder to take him to court and changed it to the correct abbreviation.

Not sure of the ins and outs of “freeman of the land” people but what I learned from this particular douche I didn’t like very much. Him and his family used the utility very well from what we could see but he was under the clouded vision that he didnt have to pay it. He got barred from calling us in the end due to what a pain in the ass he was – all calls ended up getting diverted straight to our legal team.

In the end he stopped calling us… we wondered why until his wife called to change the name on the account to hers as they had separated and he was sent to prison – probably over something ridiculous like refusing to pay council tax…

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