Your point is??

I get Me”I know your job as well as you, if not better” for my first call of the day. I’m not going to go to much in depth but this is the jest of the call. What he wants is right and since “We” or “I” do not see things his way, we’re in the wrong. Sir or Ma’am, each business has policies.Sometimes we can think outside the box, or scoot through a grey area, but do not rewrite the rules, tell me why it “should”be that way, then expect me to follow along because “you may switch companies “.I am a customer at many places, just like the rest of the world. If I feel a company I pay my money to is not up to my standards-I take my business elsewhere. So, threatening me with taking YOUR business elsewhere means little to me. I agree with you, if we are not providing you with all the nonsense you are looking for——move on——goodbye

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