You didn’t appease my witty needs? I want a refund for half the order now

I can’t make this shit up, she was actually called Karen, god damn.

Customer called in complaining about some melted fudge bars that arrived on her order, no biggie, I’ll just offer her a refund and an apology, 90% of the time it works every time. Well shit hit the fan when she wanted her delivery refunded as well, told her she already had free delivery for that order, well know she wanted her service fee and tip to be refunded. Told her we can’t issue a refund for the service fee and she can change her tip on the orders page.

-“Well, I wasn’t even going to complain about it but all of my frozen items are mushy and I want a refund for them”

-“Okay then, will do, anything else I can do for you?”

-“What about my cream cheese and mozzarella?”

-“Those aren’t frozen items”

-“Yeah but they’re not that cold so I don’t want them”

-“Okay then, anything else?”

-“Yeah my strawberries were mushy”

-“Anything else?”

-“What about the tip and service fee?”

God damn, you already got $150 worth of free stuff why the fuck are you gonna keep arguing about that? Ended up refunding her just the tip and tried my best to get her out of here, so irritating. She even tried to get these fees waived for her next order, some people are just impossible to please, fuck Karens (And I mean the stereotype not people named Karen, although this one happened to be one hell of a c*nt as well).

Not even supposed to be taking calls right now but someone fucked up the queues and they’ve been raining down (normally on chat support).

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