When a customer doesn’t understand that receiving something and verifying it are two different things

So just got off a phone call with someone who was so dumb I’m sure my head would explode.

Me: so you have a reference number that means we received your submission.

CX: Well that means my submission is valid and it’s been 3 months.

Me: No, it means we received your submission and further if you were able to submit again it means that your first submission was rejected, the system will reject duplicates

Cx: Well why do I have a reference number if my submission isn’t valid

Me: Because receiving the info and validating it are two different steps.

Cx: But I applied 3 months ago

Me: Yes you did, and it was rejected, hence you being able to submit the exact same info again.

CX: Well I still have a reference number so it should be valid.

Me: It’s like you giving me a form and me saying yes I have received the form, I have not examined it’s contents for if they are valid but I have received it.

CX: Oh you’re unhelpful *click*

I swear my eyes rolled back in my skull hard enough to see my brain stem

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