Too sick to get out of bed?

Years ago, I was working in the Customer Service Department for a satellite TV company. Well, one day, a lady calls me because her bill is MUCH higher than she expected. $300 higher. So, I offered to go through the charges and fees with her in detail. She accepted.

Well, it turned out that $300 was all from pay-per-view movies. Very expensive, R-rated movies. And they were all ordered over an 8 hour period of time on the same day.

She was quiet for a moment and then said “I see.” She proceeded to tell me that the only person home that day during that time was her 16 year old son. Who was supposedly curled up in bed, in another room, too sick to go to school.

Uh huh. Right. Too sick to go to school but not to sick to get up and order $300 worth of movies. She thanked me and said she would be talking to him when he got home from school.

Oh, I so would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that conversation!!!

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