Shoutout/ Thank You to Tim from the NY Unemployment!

I spent all day from 10am to almost 7pm trying to file unemployment. Almost 4 hours was just dealing with a website that crashed over a dozen times. Once I completed that, the next five or so hours was just dialing over a 100 times at random times consecutively to get on the phone with someone to confirm my claim. 90% of those calls was a Verizon message telling me the number is disconnected. 8% were automated messages from NY state just telling me it’s overloaded and then hanging up. Finally after getting through the menu a handful of times it actually transferred me to a real human named Tim around 6:30pm. Honestly I imagine Tim was probably exhausted and dealing with people all day who were frustrated but I kept my cool. I kept it light hearted with him and he patiently answered my questions. He worked with me for the next 25 minutes or so and helped me secure the unemployment claim. I’m frustrated with how shit the system is but thank you Tim. Thanks for what you’re doing and thanks for patiently working with me and answering my questions. You’re going to help me and a lot of people who’ve been thrown to the wolves actually pay bills. Thank you so much. And thanks to all the people working there and everywhere to keep us going during this pandemic! You guys truly rock.

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