Just Tell the Truth

We’d be more inclined to help you if you would just tell us what you need assistance with and more importantly, be honest. Because most of the time, your lie is gonna fall through.

  1. I asked a client if they booked through our agency. They said yes. There’s no record of their reservation in our system. They admit they booked it directly with the airline but start insisting a nonexistent colleague of mine was going to help them anyway which is against our policy.
  2. I told a client he was a no-show and wouldn’t be getting any credit or refund for his ticket. He says that it’s a lie and this his flight was cancelled. Record doesn’t show his flight was cancelled. He keeps trying to change his story about what happened. I kept asking him what date he received the email from the airline about the cancellation and he refuses to give me a specific date.
  3. Client insists he was never told about his ticket being non-refundable and demanded a refund for his still active flights. Record shows my colleague advised him that his tickets were non-refundable and he accepted that. I tell him our calls are recorded and a supervisor can review the call. He snickers obnoxiously and says he’ll just have his friend who works at the airline get him his refund on his non-refundable ticket and hung up AKA he knew we caught him.
  4. Client calls and says his daughter had an accident and needs to cancel their hotel checking in today. Hotel says they cannot waive the cancellation penalty. He then changes his story and says his wife had surgery on her uterus and was too embarrassed to admit and to call them again and tell them that story. Hotel doesn’t buy the story change.
  5. Client immediately demands a supervisor because she was charged for an upgrade unexpectedly. I tell her that I’ll be happy to contact the hotel and review the invoice regarding the charges. She tells me not to contact the hotel, just get her a supervisor which seems suspicious. After probing her a little more, she admits she agreed to the upgrade charges but feels she shouldn’t have to pay for it because she was “supposed to get a free upgrade” that we never guaranteed her.
  6. I tell a woman we’re opening a case because she was seen as a no-show for flights she called to cancel. I actually believed her because I could see it notated that she had called to cancel. However, when I tell her we’ll open a case per our policy, she gets more upset and doesn’t want us to investigate. “Why do you need to investigate? I’m not lying, why would you think I’m lying? What’s your email, I’ll send you the email, I have the email!!1” I definitely don’t give her my email because of the case but for somebody who’s telling the truth, it’s pretty odd she’s getting extremely defensive.


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