A special message from the help desk to all the users out there.

Hello Users!

Before I get started, we do appreciate that you’re there, because without you, we wouldn’t be considered essential right now.

In these troubled times, you have a lot of questions. If you can’t get through to the help desk over the phone, please leave your name (and user ID if applicable) slowly and audibly, and a short description of your issue. Don’t mumble your name quickly, say you have a computer problem, give your number, and say “call me.” If we had time to call you, we would have answered your call to begin with.

We don’t know how to use Zoom either. They have tutorials on their site. Take the initiative.

Do not, I repeat, do NOT CC the help desk into your email chain. If someone else does, do NOT Reply All without taking us out of the list. We do not work out of Outlook, Apple Mail, or whatever other email client. We work through tickets. When you Reply All, we get a new ticket. When 12 of you Reply All, we get 12 new tickets.

If your computer has been running for 850 hours, 19 minutes, and 22 seconds, we’re going to reboot it. Don’t argue. Save your work.

Caps Lock is not the shift key.

All we ask is that you allow us to help, pay attention, and learn if we try to teach you something. You don’t have to say you aren’t good with computers; nobody is. If we ask to do a remote session, it’s because we want to fix it. If you resist our attempts to troubleshoot because you “don’t have time”, you definitely won’t have time with a broken computer.

Let’s all work together to make our lives easier in these times of turmoil.

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