"What part of closed don’t you understand?" Calls from Corona virus hell.

I work for a popular roadside assistance company and we are deemed essential so our call centers are open but all of our branches are closed. I’ve gotten at least 5 of these calls today where it just doesn’t seem to click.

C= customer M= me

Customer 1

C: Yeah I’m just wondering if you guys is branches are open.

Me: Sorry they are all closed so it’s just the call centers that open now.

C: Because I needed to see about coming in to register my car….

Me: Sorry the branches are closed for now due to the virus.

C: Oh…… So I can’t come in to register my car?

Me: screams internally

Customer 2

C: Hey I’m just wondering when you guys will have a notary available today.

Me: Sorry all of our branches are closed.

C: So there are no notary services available?

Me: No ma’am the branch is closed.

C: So I can’t go there to register my car right now either?

Me: dies inside

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