Struggling to have sympathy for callers who are jerks during this crisis.

Me: My name is Even_Appeal, how may I direct your call?

Caller: I want to speak to ___’s manager immediately.

Me: Are you working with ___?

Caller: I was speaking with her and she hung up on me! And I want to speak to her manager.

Me: Ma’am, I don’t think she purposely hung up on you. We’re experiencing some technology issues due to the system being overloaded from everyone working at home due to everything that’s going on.


Me: It’s not an excuse, it’s the reality of the situation, ma’am.

Caller: The reality of the situation? The reality of the situation is that people have AIDS and no one is helping them!! (?? I have NO idea where this came from, I could not make sense of this)

Me: … what? I can connect you to ___’s line.

Caller: I want to speak to her manager. What is her name? Email? Title? Extension?

I provided the details and connected her to the person she was complaining about. I don’t understand people who are jerks during this crisis, it’s unreal to me. Especially because my org is a nonprofit that helps people for free. I wish we had further guidelines of, if you’re a jerk we’ll put a warning on your account and you wont be helped bc it’s just ridiculous sometimes.

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