Restarting your phone is important y’all.

I’m technical support for a phone company.

Guy – just started his account, calling me because he can’t make phone calls off of wifi.

Me – me

M – it looks like your phone has not activated yet. Let’s do this, and that, then restart your phone with wifi shut off.

G – well if I do that the call is going to drop, right?

M – yes, it’s important that we do this though, so your phone can activate. Keep the wifi off and I will call you back in 5 minutes to ensure it’s active. If it’s still not, we will go from there.

G – alright I’m going to do it now.

M – okay! I will talk to you in about 5 minutes.

About 15 seconds pass, were still on the call, I’m not allowed to hang up.

G – I just hung up on that stupid bitch. She wanted me to turn off my phone so she didn’t have to deal with the call.

M – oh no sir I’m still –

Call disconnects

He never restarted his phone, in case you’re wondering.

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