In your face, Bill.

So i work for this investment newsletter company, and I have had a pretty interesting set of customers.

Today I just got off the phone with an incredibly stupid mid-50’s know-it-all guy who couldn’t stop using his bank to scare us into giving him a refund. Saying that he’d “complain loud and clear so I could finally put your bait and switch company down” in addition to throwing all kinds of expletives and unnecessary f-bombs along the way.

Fast forward to the juicy part :

Bill : You understand what I’m saying? You’re a SCAM. Your services are scam and I want a refund on EVERYTHING.

Me : The cancellation will be done outside of the policy, and we wont be-

Bill : bullsh*t, listen to me. I havent received anything since i signed up. You told me you were gonna send me those in the mai-

Me : That’s not true. Our service is purely online. And you were sent an email confirmation for your access to the member website. Did you open the email we sent you? In that call, you acknowledged the fact that we sent you this as per our notes.

Bill : uhm well no

Me : then I’m sure you understand why I cant process the refund

bill hangs up

Boomers, read before you rant. You idiots.

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