Bull by the horns

Cable story from 5 years ago.

Customer calls angry why did he get a bill?

I state you are customer receiving service, that’s why the billing.

Says he disconnected the cable from the TV so we should stop billing him.

Explained that we need to be notified he wants to disconnect.

He replies back we know if someone does that and we are just milking it. No we don’t. No tool on our end for this.

He then goes on a tangent the reason he disconnected his cable is we moved some channels numbers and asked ” you know what happens when you move channel numbers?” I replied “I do not”

He then stated in all seriousness at least possible in his mind but it took everything I had at the time to not laugh. ” You mess with the bull you get the horns!”

The connection I have no idea. I set up the disconnect reasoning notes ‘was customer used to channel 4 being on 6 and doesn’t want to change. So we got the horns from the bull and he is disconnecting.’ Supervisor at time got a good laugh out of it. Of course he went to collections later cause bulls don’t pay the bills after you mess with them.

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