Wrong theater, man…

It’s been awhile since I had the urge to share a story. So, a little background info if you’ve never seen any of my posts before. I work for a LIVE theater company that is big enough to have 100K donors and a dedicated call center that does all the ticketing and the box office iust hands out tickets. They don’t even know how to do memberships. We do it all in the call center.

Anyway, the caller calls in asking about an email he got about some tickets he bought:

Me: Thank you for calling _______. How can I help you?

Caller: Yeah. Yeah, I got an email telling me to call about some tickets I bought.

Me: Ok. I’ll need a little more information. Can you tell me which show?

Caller: Yeah. I bought tickets to Bad Boys 3 but I ain’t even seen it yet and ya’ll are emailing about them.

Me: …. Sir, this is _________, a live theater venue. We are not a movie theater.

Caller: … what?

Me: We are a LIVE STAGED theater venue. Our shows are performed LIVE. We are not a movie theater.

Caller: …. what? You ain’t AMC?

Me: No sir.

Caller: Who’er you then?

Me: This is ________.

Caller: Oh. What’dya do there?

Me: We are a live theater venue.

Caller: You Broadway?

Me: No.

Caller: Then what about my tickets?

Me: Sir, I’m not really sure. If you bought them with AMC, you’re gonna have to take it up with them.

Caller: Aight. I’ll call you back if it doesn’t work out.

Me: Sir do not-!

Caller hangs up

He never called back so I guess AMC fixed whatever the hell was wrong with his tickets. Lol

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