Welp- it finally happened, got called a c*nt.

At my job, we direct calls and are supposed to not transfer calls from solicitors. They can be really sneaky and just straight up lie to you though, so it can be tricky but i’ve gotten pretty good at being able to weed them out. This guy set off all of my alarm bells and was later able to confirm that he was a solicitor.

Me: My name is Even_appeal, how may I direct-

Caller: Yeah, yeah. May I speak to X?

Me: This is a national line, do you happen to have her last name?

Caller: Uhh I can’t remember what it is. Maybe X?

Me: I don’t have that name in my address book. May I ask what this call is in regards to?

Caller: (getting mad) What’s with all the questions?!

Me: (it’s 6am, i’m already not in a great mood, I can tell he’s selling shit and is going to be persistent, so tbh i’m getting mad back in my tone) I’m asking questions to clarify who you’re looking for so I can connect you to the right person. Are you offering your services?

Caller: Yes, i’m offering my staffing services, if you need to know (I do, it’s my job).

Me: Okay, we’re actually instructed to not connect calls of this nature-

Caller: I’m working with X. She’s expecting my call back.

Me: Okay. Well, I don’t have anyone by that name so-

Caller: Look, are you gonna transfer my call or not? I don’t have her last name.

Me: (giving no fucks now) You’re working with her but you don’t have her full name?

Caller: Pft. I just don’t remember it, it’s somethin like X. Just connect me to X.

Me: Okay, sir, if you’re working with her, she’ll be in contact with you, we don’t connect calls of this nature.

Caller: She’s expecting my call and you need to connect me!!

Me: Sir, i’m not going to argue with you.

Caller: Don’t be a c*nt.

Me: Nope! Nope. Not today. (Hangs up while he’s still arguing)

Got in contact with the person with a similar name to the one he was saying incorrectly, she confirmed that she was not working with him and would definitely not be in the future.

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