Something that bothers me years after it happened.

I worked in a call center for a gift card company. And many companies called to order gift cards to give their employees on the new year celebration. 3 days before new year’s eve, the due date was too late for new customers. But I got customer that insisted to order the gift cards because “her boss will kill her if they don’t have the gift cards” and I got to “save her”. I should have said “no” and hung up the phone, but back then, I was too mentally weak to do that, so I did the order. 2 days later she called yelling at me “Where are the gift cards?! I need them now!!!”. Bitch, I told you the cards would be delivered later, why did you insist on ordering them????? and now she’s yelling at me because it’s more comfortable to do that than not to order the gift cards, tell your boss you’re too late and get yelled by him for your failure.

Going to a job where you have to argue with people and be assertive all the time, and even be aggressive sometimes, can be mentally destructive and it’s things like that that make work “wage slavery”.

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Got screamed at today.

About a month ago I posted a story about an employee of mine and his mental breakdown due to a customer.