Simple but funny

This happened about 2(?) Years ago. Company/job duties don’t matter in this story.

It was a slow day in the call center, about 10 of us were sitting waiting for calls(when this started) but nothing is coming in.

A call comes in and the rep takes it, 45 min and it’s done.

But unfortunately for him, calls coming in are sent to a random available rep.

15 minutes later another call comes in to the same rep. LOL! This one takes a while, so he is dealing with it for an hour and a half.

He hangs up and complains about his luck.

Cue 15 minutes until we close for the night and no one else has gotten a call(4 people still working at this point), HIS PHONE RINGS!

I don’t know how long this one took because we all waved good night while smiling at him while he was on the call.

To this day I still get a smile whenever I think about it.

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