Security Questions part 3

I have gathered more security questions and these ones are just as good as the last bunch. Back story, I work for a online bank that gives too much freedom for people when they create security questions these are the best ones and I still collect them.

Q: Who is my waifu? A: Asuna

Q: What did my ex husband do? A: Cheat on me with that slutty blonde bartender.

Q: Who gets all the hoes? A: (The customers name)

Q: What is my safe word? A: Tuxedo. (Customer remember that but didn’t remember her mother’s maiden name)

Q: Sexiest man alive? A: David Beckham

Q: Best dance song? A: God Bless the Broken Road

Q: Whose on first? A: What’s on second?

Q: Whose yo daddy? A: (Customer didn’t put down husband)

Q: Who peed under my crib? A: My two cats.

I am still collecting so stay tuned for more wonderful security questions from my job.

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