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So I work in a call center for a globally recognized consumer electronics brand. We just acquired the contract a few months ago.

We have absolutely no knowledge base, we built up a shared files directory that contains random pdf and word documents that we created ourselves.

Do you know why we dont have a knowledge base? The previous company who was losing the contract got pissed and deleted it. And the corporate will not recreate it. (Just an aside. Please dont let that detail derail the topic of this post.)

So here we are. 8 months into the contract. We accept about 150 calls a day spread out amongst 16 agents. Myself being one of them. We are doing pretty damn good for ourselves, considering we have no knowledge base. But not good enough apparently. Not good enough for corporate. And not good enough for my liking.

(Example. I fielded a call last week. I accidentally provided the caller an outdated version of a hotfix/patch. Why? Because all I could do was search through emails to find an email from some random chucklefuck at corporate. And I accidentally identified an obsolete email/patch instead if the most current)

So I am pissed. And while I was outside smoking a cig w someone and we were both venting… my coworker said to me “you know what they say. In the business world if you start doing something… it suddenly becomes your job.”

That… was very insightful… and now I’ve got lightbulbs over my head.

Last night I got my raspberry pi… and I spent all night creating a wordpress page that is hosted entirely on the pi. I have NO confidential and/or identifiable information on there (example. Nowhere did I mention the corporate customer’s name. Everywhere I name specific products instead I replaced then with generic descriptors). The articles are super stupid like “to update firmware please download.. then press buttons. Yay!”.

But they are placeholder articles. The real content is still on my shared drives at work. And there it will remain.

Once I have this site completely fleshed out… I’m going to bring in the pi, sit down with the decision makers. And show them my product.

“Here is your knowledge base . I can start on my new job position as webmaster and Knowledge base team lead. If you dont want to take the opportunity I’m offering then I’ll bring the pi back home with me and this knowledge base will never again see the light of day “

I’m excited that I found an opportunity like this. I just hope I’m going about it in a proper fashion.

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