No OnE sPeAkS mY LaNgUaGe

This post and the comments there reminded me of very specific people that would call us at customer service to complain about service in different countries.

The car rental company I worked for had offices all over the world and on every continent. The employees were all required to speak English + whatever their native language was. It was nice when employees spoke more languages, but that wasn’t a guarantee.

The amount of people that would call or write emails to complain that no one spoke their language was insane. I live in Spain, so the people complained that no one spoke Spanish in Germany/South Africa/Romania or wherever.

Generic Customer: The service was awful! No one could understand me!

Me: I’m sorry to hear that. But the staff all speaks English, which is considered the international language of the company.

GC: I don’t care! I don’t speak English! You need to hire people who speak MY LANGUAGE!!! How am I supposed to get my rental???

Me: Again, I’m sorry, but the staff speaks their native language + a wildly used and understood international language. We cannot cater to every individual customer that may not understand those two languages.

GC: This is ridiculous! You’re a Spanish company!!

Me: We are totally not. We are a French company with offices in Spain. By your logic, all the staff around the world should only speak French. Do you see what I’m saying?

GC: You are not a French company and you’re lying to me!! I want to file a complaint.

Then I let them file whatever complaint they want and hang up. Keep in mind that incidents like this happened all the time, not just once or twice. In fact, most of the incidents in my post history happened more than once.

Just because you’re too ignorant to understand that people outside of your country (or even people within your own country) may not speak your language, doesn’t mean that the world will suddenly start revolving around you. Also, if you’re not be able to get your rental car at an airport because you don’t speak the language, then stay home.

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