Life Isn’t Fair, Your Highness.

For clarity, I’m a receptionist for a legal non-profit. I screen the calls to make sure that what the caller wants is a legal issue we can take on (mostly civil stuff like bankruptcy, collections, landlord/tenant issues, divorce, domestic violence, custody/visitation, etc.). Then I put the caller’s phone number on a callback queue for the intake department, who work out the caller’s eligibility for a free lawyer. As you can guess, the queue gets full quickly, and we have rules about how the queue works. So anyway:

Me: Hello, Legal Non-Profit.

She: I just missed my call back from the intake people!

Me: Oh, geez, I’m sorry, let me get your phone number, and I’ll put you back in line for a call back. It will be about 45 minutes or so.

She: WHAT? I JUST MISSED THE CALL! (begins loud – and probably fake – sobbing)

Me: Ma’am, that’s the way we’re set up. If you miss your call, you have to go back to he bottom of list. That’s the only way we can keep it fair.


Me: So would you like to go back on the call back list?

She: (hangs up)

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