Here is a fun one for you all

So i used to work for a online bank ( whose name i will not mention )

so we sometimes offer small scale interest free loans to certain customers ,

so i am happily sitting at my desk and this call comes through

me : thanks you for call (censored ) can i take your card number and name please

Gives me these details

Me so how can i help you today ?

guy : i am calling you today to inform you that i have removed all funds from my account and have no intention to place funds in it , so you cannot take any payments of the loan that i took so therefore i would like the loan cancelled

me ( after a few seconds processing what he said ) ok sir , so let me understand this , you have removed all the money from the account , and believe that as we cannot take any payment for the loan that this would cancel the loan

guy : yes

So i explain to him that under financial regulations that would not be how it would work , that he agreed to make payments when he took out the loan , and that having no money in the account would not change as we would still attempt to take payments from the account , and this would affect his credit rating

Guy i dont believe that is how it works , also i forbid you to communicate with me under GDPR rules ( these had just come in )

Me ( ok sir but under rules set for us by the regulator finical rules trump GDPR so we have to tell you if you miss a payment it just something we have to do as a responsible lender

so round and round we go me explaing to him how it works him steadfastly believing he was right ,

so here comes the fun part ,

Me : as i have explained to you sir we still expect you to make the payments back on the agreed loan

Guy : I have three brothers in my family , one works as a banker and the other works in GDPR and the third is a lawyer , if you do not comply with my demands i will communicate with my family and sue you in the European courts for 200 million pounds

Me : (astounded at the remarkable coincidence ) well sir what i would recommend that maybe communicating with these members of your family and if any of those brothers agree with your points i would recommend calling us back and if you want to make any formal complaint i can give you our complaints email .

him i will sue you and i will take your job i will bankrupt the company , YOU ARE WRONG

Line disconnects

pottered over to the supervisor and he listened to the call and just walked over and said ” wow “

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