Getting one up on the customer

I work in a call center for car insurance claims and this happened about 15 years ago before Google maps was really a thing.

Policyholder calls to make a claim, she hadn’t taken out a courtesy car on her policy so had no replacement transport and was moaning that I should give her a hire free of charge because we were leaving her stranded and hungry as she was unable to get into town centre to get her shopping and apparently her village had no public transport ….

Unbeknownst to her I had grown up just 2 streets away from her and had left the area about a year prior….

“Well Mrs policyholder, if you cross over your road and stand outside the Beacon pub the number 23 should be with you every 10 minutes past the hour”

Suffice to say no hire was provided (and wouldn’t have been anyway, if you need a courtesy car that bad then it’s your responsibility to make sure the policy you chose caters to your needs!)

It was a damn good day

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