Call Verification

Had a caller today not come in verified.

That’s fine, just need your policy info. Oh…that’s right, he didn’t have it.

“Well every time I call in they know who I am. All that technology and you can’t find my claim?

“I do apologize, but there may have been an issue with the verification. What is your policy number?

“And why do I need that? You should be able to see on your phone thing. Just look it up by my date of birth…rattles it off.”

“I’m sorry, I cant look it up that way. Do you have your claim number?

Cue more complaints and insults about my technology.

“I can try by your social?”

He gives it. But it didn’t work.

“Let me try your phone number” Now apparently this number was passed around like a cheap bottle of whiskey, cause it pulled up an insane amount of unrelated people.

He finally decides to find his claim number. Admist all his complaints about my abilities.

I put it in but it doesn’t pull up anything for the date he said. Pulls up something from 2 years ago. I let him know I’m going to search the policy associated with it abd he is even more exasperated and insulting. Asking me to “actually do my job and write it down”

Asshole I already told you what you gave me was close to useless.

Anyways I finally find it. All he needs is a rental. Cool. I set it up.

Theeeeen I tell him the short reservation number. Slowly. Twice. He verifies but I tell him it is a number off. He gets pissed and tells me that what I retold him is exactly what he said. We have to go through this 3 more times.

Then finally, I’m free. Irritated but free.

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