A quick story of a psychopath

Sorry for mobile format blah blah. Just wanted to give you all a quick story of my second call I took today, was a great welcome back to work after taking a 4 day weekend. I work for an ISP and this caller was a prospective client, unfortunately we didn’t provide service to the address, which was verified by our central office. He didnt like that answer and began screaming and berating me, I can handle it, I dont lose my temper or take it personal, but this guy was easily the worst I’ve talked to in my 4 years with this company. He said to “hang up the call, clock out, drive home, get in the bathtub and slit your wrists you F**ing cck-monger” he refused to hang up without speaking with a supervisor because I am “a useless piece of sh*t” and dont know what I’m doing. I kept my cool and ended with “unless there is anything else I can help you with I hope you have a great rest of your day and thank you for calling ISP” and he refused to hang up asking “are you doing it? Tell me when you’re bleeding” after a moment of him repeating that I said the same line again but stated I would be ending the call. Never had someone that aggressive before, definitely been cursed out pretty bad before but never like that. Thought I’d share my story with you all to diminish your faith in humanity. On to the next call!

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