The customer that had me very confused

We sell auto parts online. We sell all over Europe and our Warehouse is in the mainland of Europe, but we do ship to the UK and Ireland.

Now, the main issue with that is that in Europe the vehicles are left hand drive ones and in the UK and Ireland the vehicles are right hand drive ones. And sometimes this is a bit confusing when the website states that a part os for the passenger or driver side.

I had a call from one customer asking for a part that the website states is for the passenger side and she wanted to check it was for the correct side.

Me: Yes, madam, according to our system this is for the left side of the vehicle.

Cmr: Wait, left side? I’m in the UK, we have right hand drive vehicles, so the passenger side is the right side.

“At this point I am starting to get confused and wondering if I am wrong and start to check my system and start to visualise a car and how when it’s a right hand drive vehicle the driver is on the right. But the customer keeps insisting that the passenger side is the right side. I place her on hold just to gather my thoughts”

Me: Thank you for holding madam, upon further checking this is exactly for the left, passenger side for right hand drive vehicles. For right hand drive vehicles the driver’s side id on the right and the passenger side is on the left.

Cmr: Okay(a bit confused), I will take it.

I am still not sure she was convinced.

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