So I’m going to rant.

Today one of my employees asked for help while on a call. I listened in to the call as the customer yelled at him, and midsentence in the middle of reading a tracking number to the customer he stopped speaking without warning. I realized this customer broke him down. He was unable to keep speaking, head in his hands and crying.

I put his customer on hold and took the call from his station so I could speak to the customer. And in the meantime I told him to step out and take as much time as he needs.

Why was the customer screaming and yelling at him? Because he gave him one wrong number in the tracking number and had to correct himself. He berated him like a child until he couldn’t even speak anymore and had a panic attack.

Obviously I look at this person’s file and see there’s a history of screaming and yelling and overall unnecessary harassment.

I took the call and it’s done with. The customer didn’t walk away happy but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the people that you speak TO when you call for help on the phone.

When I see something like this I am so angry at what some people are okay with doing to people they don’t even know. Ordinary people that are not your punching bags or yelling bags for you to have your little temper tantrum on. It doesn’t matter how serious or trivial your actual issue is, you are speaking to a fucking human being. Control yourself. You don’t know what that person is going through. You don’t know what damage you can cause to someone’s mental health. Take a fucking chill pill and step back and turn down the fucking volume on your shitty attitude.

Whoever this man is he is responsible for ruining a person’s day. Maybe week. Maybe more. Nobody deserves to be mentally broken down. So whoever is reading this that finds themselves feeling the need to rage at a stranger, maybe take the different route this time and keep your damn cool.

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