Pay the money to us…or be defaulted.

I work for a finance company in their collections team. We are the end of the line for collections with the company and we do not sell our debts. We will list issues on your credit file.

A colleague of mine had spoken to a young customer who had finance with us. She was well and truly behind on her payments. My colleague offered to skip her overdue payments and have her make payments more frequently instead. Our collections team can make just about any action we see fit for a customer, this was incredibly generous.

At the time of all collections calls we advise the customer that if they break any arrangements and do not make contact, all payments become due and payable with collections resuming.

You guessed it. She broke her arrangement.

I went through her account and removed all the skips on her account. I sent her an email advising to make contact immediately or she risks a default.

This customer refuses to call me or answer calls. Instead she sends an SMS advising me that she refuses to pay my company and we had best send her to debt collectors.

Um. Hello. That’s me.

I advise her that I am the debt collector and all payments are made direct to the company.

She claims she will speak to the next debt collector as my company is a scam

I, once again, explain that we do not sell our debts and that she can pay us or risk a default.

Nope. Okay then. Very well.

Final default notice is issued. (everything is now owed, no more payment plans, no more skips. Pay up)

She should be emailing her receipt through in the next day or so.

Not every company sells their debts, lady!

I’m sure we all enjoy these little wins though.

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