Lesson Not Learnt.

So without giving much away, I work for a company that specialises in entertainment. We do our best to make sure that customers abide by safe online policies. Failing those policies, and well, your account gets banned in the long run.

It’s not as if it’s instantaneous either. Depending on how severe the action was, the account can run a few warnings, temporary suspensions, and then a ban as a final straw. The more severe charges only get one to two before being banned.

Now, bearing that in mind, this raging arsehole, I’ll call him “Rage Bro” decides to call me in the last few minutes of my shift, cited his account has been banned. It was cordial at first, until we get to the nature of his call:

Me after checks done: Right, Rage Bro, as you surmised, your account has been banned, because in your rage, you did a big fat don’t do that, and as a result, you got banned.

Rage Bro: ….Can I have it overturned?

Me: Unfortunately, this can’t be overturned. Once an account has reached this state, it can no longer be overturned. Mind you, you were warned about this several times (Literally, the dude had 7 bloody warnings). I would advise making a new account, but read the online standards and don’t be provocative to others’ messages.

Rage Bro, clearly getting pissed: That’s not fair! Do you realise how much money I have on that account?! And if I get that back, or even close to it, what’s to say I won’t be banned and lose that?!

Me: I’m sorry, but rules are rules. Take my advice or leave it, (of course we can’t say it like that, tact is needed here, but it was the only way forward.)

Rage Bro, out of nowhere: Go fuck yourself! You guys suck!

It’s then the phone is stripped away from rage Bro and his mum gets on the phone, apologising for the teenage arse. She then enquired as to the funds of the account. I explained what was there and wasn’t. And explained while I can empathise, I reiterated policy especially online safety.

So Rage Bro, appeared to have calmed asked for message settings advice. I gladly gave it. Now, I thought this would be a safe segue to give the ref details.

But nope, Rage Bro just didn’t want to let it go. What he said and did next was, in my opinion, the best REEEEEE and rage quit I ever bore witness to on the phone:

Rage Bro: Yeah…..because you’re a heartless robot with no emotions and that monotonous voice!

The call ended there but I could clearly hear his mum’s disapproving snap back at him.

Pro-tip, Rage Bro, if you were trying to prove you didn’t deserve your ban, you clearly failed and the lesson was lost on you. Grow up…

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