Credit card problems

Sorry about the formatting I’m on mobile, but I just wanted to make this quick post. I don’t work in a call center but I wanted to share my experience with one today, about a month ago I lost my wallet with my ID, insurance card, and my social security card. I was petrified that someone would steal my identity or open up accounts in my name right? Well it didn’t happen until about 3 days ago I got a call from a bank, someone had opened up a credit card in my name and immediately maxed it out and of course they were calling to collect. After much confusion on my part I explained I never had gotten a credit card but had recently lost my wallet with my social security number in it, I knew they wouldn’t be able to give me the address they sent it to so I provided them my home address and i was right. Someone in Denver opened up a credit card account, so currently they’re doing what they can so my credit doesn’t get ruined and I wanted to just thank you whoever you are (hopefully you browse this sub) for helping me stay calm and not have a panic attack during this entire process

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