Third week on the job and it finally happened.

I’m a 20 year old young woman (I feel wrong saying woman and wrong saying girl so this is my compromise.) I work in an outbound program selling a radio subscription. People at the end of their free trials are our leads. That’s all the backstory you need really.

Apologies for being on mobile/formatting

Cast: Me (me) Big Britches (customer)

Me: “Hi, my name is blank blank calling from blankety blank about the radio in your (random car model here) how’re you doing today? BB: “well my butthole itches” Me: sitting in shocked silence for a moment BB: “hello?” Me: “I’m still here sir” BB: “well I answered the question” Me: (ignoring it, I need a sale) “I’m calling about the free blah blah trial, how did you enjoy it?” BB: “well (name of brand) keeps riding me so pretty good” Me: “I’m going to disconnect now sir”

The most amazing thing (sarcasm) was I could hear his kids in the background. My supervisor was the one who said “I’m sure he’s walking around his house pulling up his britches thinking he’s so tough.” Anyways, it only took three weeks for me to get one.

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