Karen wants us to void the transaction fees and doesn’t care if we get fired

Me: “xxx Customer Service, Wayne speaking; how can I help?”

K: Oh hiii, hello! Sorry, I was on hold for so long. Hi. Uh, how are you?

Me: oh god finally a decent customer** “Uhhh, almost end of shift, haha. Almost tired, but still have lots of juice in the tank, thanks for asking!

K: Oh, I’m sorry! I won’t give you a hard time.

Me: Don’t be! How can I help, ma’am?

Karen inquires about the extra $10 charge on her recent transaction. She transferred money from her xxx Balance to bank account – except it was an *instant transfer*. Instant transfer means what it is, and there is a $10 fee for that. Standard transfer, 3 to 5 days, is free.

K: Whaaaaaat? But, all my previous transfers were not charged this way! How come this one was charged? I’m not in a rush to get my money so I don’t need the instant transfer!

Me: Ma’am, before every transfer to your bank account – you are given two options: instant transfer, on the upper half of the page, and standard transfer, on the lower half of the page. (At this point, I call BS that she wouldn’t know this. No way she could have missed it on the website, it’s fucking obvious, even more so since she’s been doing this for a long time based on records.)

K: You’re kidding me. Again, all my previous transfers were not charged this way!

Me: All transfers in xxx are customer initiated. We don’t have a built-in automated process for withdrawals to ensure that customers have a choice if they want to pay for the instant or the free standard. (Best way I can say, “it’s your fucking fault, you dumbass”.)

K: This is unbelievable! Get me your supervisor.

Me: I understand you’re frustrated, but I have full authority to handle your concern and questions. My supervisor can see the same thing I’m seeing on your account. There are very few things a supervisor can do that I cannot and your request is not one of them.

K: No, you don’t want to process it because it’s end of shift and you don’t want to work anymore.

Me: Not true – we have about an hour left and this call is recorded. If we did have a policy for a courtesy void and I refused to give you, then I would get in trouble. Except we don’t actually have that policy. But, we will get fired if we did void the transaction fee because that… now that, is not allowed.

K: I don’t care, I would like to speak to a supervisor please.

Me: No. I can give you the person two stages above the supervisor and no one can void it for you. It is against our policy. Here’s what I can offer: if you can log in to your account right now, I can walk you through and show you how to not do the instant transfer.

K: I’d like a supervisor please.

Me: Already told you why I can’t and won’t give you one.

K: Yes, I just have a question. Supervisor please.

Me: What is the question?

K: I’d tell the supervisor, not you.

Me: No, if you want an actual supervisor, I need to tell them why or what is it you need. And again, voiding a transaction fee is not a request a supervisor can grant.

K: I believe you, but I’d still like a supervisor to make me feel better.

Me: feel better? lol wtf…** I can make you feel better to make sure you won’t have to go through this again. Let me walk you through or let me answer the question – we can do both.

K: Supervisor please, thank you.

At this point I just can’t handle the sheer fucking Karen-ness anymore. I get up and go to my boss and explain. I shit you not, my boss laughed out loud. Said, “no, risk and fraud management will eat us if we voided that. That’s not allowed.”

– “She wants a supervisor to make her feel better or whatever. Already told her we’d get fired if we did what she wanted.”

At this point we’re both laughing together. “Nope, not gonna happen. I’m not taking that. Is she that stupid? It’s fucking obvious on the website.”

– That’s literally what I said. Well, not literally, of course, but the website thing yeah.”

Boss smirks. “Don’t transfer that to me.”

– “I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve already de-escalated more than two times. I just don’t want to get called out for that.”

“Nope, not taking that. Reject her all you want, QA won’t give you trouble for it. If they do, I’ll handle it. Fuck that stupid customer.”

I return to her.

Me: Thank you for waiting. Supervisor has been notified, and no, they will not take the call for reasons I already mentioned. I literally have the same training and am fully equipped to answer any and all questions related to your account and transactions.

K: I know. You can keep my $10 if you want it so bad, you can have it. I just have a question. Supervisor, please.

Me: Look, ma’am. Somewhere in the back of your head, you’re thinking we just don’t want to do this. I’m not kidding when I say I will get fired. My boss will get fired. I have a stolen phone I need to do overtime to replace as soon as possible, a mother with a medical foot problem, bills to pay, and antidepressants to support myself. I am not losing all these just because you refuse to accept the fact that your request is against company policy.

K: I don’t think that at all! I just want a supervisor, please!

Me: Nope, she already declined. Please give me the question so I can answer accordingly.

K: I want to know why your company is scamming people into being charged for a fee they never agreed to be charged with! It’s such a sneaky way and disgusting way to treat your customers.

Me: You initiated the transfer, ma’am. On that page, it is clearly written that there will be a 1% transaction fee for instant transfers. To elaborate, that 1% will not exceed $10 – it has a cap of $10. So even if you transferred $1000 or $5000, your 1% fee would still be locked to $10.

K: It’s not obvious at all! You can’t do this to your customers! I just want a supervisor!

Me: You can call us tomorrow morning or in the middle of the afternoon, how many times you want – depends entirely up to you. You even want my ID? You can report me for not giving the void, see if it gets you anywhere. You can talk to anyone here, you will get the same response. Believe me.

K: Supervisor, ple-

Me: NO.

K: Wha-? Well, I hope this call is recorded and you get in trouble for this. You are the worst representative ever. Fuck you. *hangs up*

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