“Read my mind!”

So, for context, we have a weird quirk with out phone lines that means when people call me back, it always comes up as a private number. Don’t ask me why; I am not a phone tech. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway, it’s usually a simple matter of relaying this quirk, and asking folks to identify themselves, and it usually not much of an issue.

Oh boy, was it an issue last week.

So I’m close to knocking off for the evening, when I get an incoming call;

Me: “Hi it’s JustANutMeg, from X, you would have filled out your details for us to contact you, about our special. Thanks for calling me back, who am I speaking to?”

Lady: “You called me, you should know”

Me: “My apologies, ma’am. Our phones are a little odd and when someone calls back from their messagebank, it always comes up as a private number”

Lady: “Well, never call me again!”

Me: “I’d be more than happy to add you to our Do Not Call list; I just need your name, or phone number”

Lady (screaming): “Don’t call me!”

And she hangs up. Unfortunately, since I call about 200-ish people a day… I have no clue who I spoke to… so odds are she will be called again.

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