Old lady wants to know which country I’m in, so I tell her.

Me (with a slight accent which doesn’t bother 99% of callers): thank you for calling [phone company] tech support. This is [me] in [city, state], how can I help?
Entitled boomer: where did I call?!
Me: [repeats the entire greeting]
Entitled boomer: where?!
Me: [repeats company name and department]
Entitled boomer: what country did you say you’re in?
Me: I said, I’m in Texas.
Entitled boomer: …
Me: Texas is not a country at this time; it’s part of United States.
Entitled boomer: …
Me: United States is a country in North America. It borders with Canada at the north and Mexi…
Entitled boomer (cutting me off and obviously snapping): I know what it is! I live there!
Me (cheerfully): oh hey! So do I! How cool is that?

Then the caller preceded to tell me that my “broken English” made me sound like I’m in some other country. She was calling because she needed the number to a Chinese restaurant in her BFE town and didn’t know how to google. So the rest of the call was standard boomer shenanigans.

What do you think?

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