Lady cancels appointment but needs to be seen ASAP

So i just read a story about a lady cancelling an appointment at the dentist and then being salty and it reminded me of my own favorite cancellation story.

I work at a dr office and a lady calls to cancel her appointment for the next day. This was in the middle of august. As per office protocol I need a reason to put down for the cancellation. She says her ride for the appointment is sensitivie to the heat and its supposed to be really bad tomorrow. Okay, fair enough, we dont typically care why, we just need a reason that way we have back up if you decide to show up for the apt you cancelled (and yes people do that). So i go to reschedule her and the conversation goes like this.

Me, P- patient

Me: Okay, so the first i have available is late september.

P: OH, theres nothing soon? Maybe, next week? I really need to be seen as soon as possible, my symptoms are out of control.

Me: Well, you have the appointment tomorrow. I can keep it for you, but otherwise your gonna have to wait. The doctor typically book about 6 weeks out.

P: Well, thats just ridiculous. Ive been seeing Dr [redacted] for years! Hes basically my primary!

(No, hes not. Hes a specialist, which is why they have such a long waitlist most of the time.)

So this lady eventually rescheduled and was very angry about it the entire time. But like, I’m sorry i have very little sympathy. You have an appointment and your ride cant take the heat… so why shouldnt you wait until the weather cools off and you dont have to reschedule again in the event thats its too hot.

And if your symptoms are so bad that you NEED to come in, you could get a cab or an uber or literally any other form of transport. It just infuriates me when pt’s expect us to bend over backwards to accommodate them but they wont lift a finger to help themselves. Then they have the gall to get mad at us for not being able to help them. Like honey I’ve got plenty of other people with the same issues xalling and if they need the appointment bad enough they will figure it out. Get off your high horse Debbie!

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