I’m finally leaving

I got a call from a company that has been trying to get me to come work for them for the last 3 or 4 years, and today they finally made me an offer I liked enough to say yes to.

I’ll be working in a different role that wont involve any interaction with the public at all, and it’s a big step up. I’m so happy to be leaving my call center job behind, hopefully when I put in my notice they just send me home, but I doubt it. I just have to get through the next couple weeks and I’ll be out for good.

No more having to put up with entitled clients and their abuse, no more coming home exhausted every day after spending 8 hours in a soul sucking job, I’m so happy for my time at a call center to be ending!

Stay strong everyone!

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I’m still laughing about this

Good call but bad customer