You want a refund for what?

I work the morning shift in the department that schedules technicians for service/installations of alarm systems. Weekends are always interesting because they book up quickly and we don’t usually run a full staff. This happened on a Saturday before 1000.

Me: Me PS: Local Productivity Specialist MSE: Mrs. Entitled MRE: Mr. Entitled MGR’s

Me: Company Name. This is Sfojn90. May I verify your info. (Does So) How can I assist you this morning?

MSE: Someone was supposed to be checking with the local office about getting a tech out today. Can you check?

Me: Sure. (Check Install Order. Don’t see anything.) Hmm. May I place you on a brief hold and I’ll call local to double check.

MSE agrees. I call and relay the situation to PS. PS has no idea what’s going on but no techs who would be available to go to that location today.

Me: Apologize profusely and advise MSE no techs available. Offer to try to reschedule.

MSE: Upset. Well, this is unacceptable. What happened to my original appointment?

ME: Per notes, MSE was contacted to confirm appointment/site readiness and when we were unable to contact MSE to do so, the install was removed from the schedule and the original spot was filled.

MSE and MRE(who I hadn’t realized was there): Unacceptable!! We want to cancel! And we want our money back!!

ME: Yes Ma’am. Move order to Pending Cancel and advise customers that the money will be refunded back to them in approximately 7-10 days.

MRE: That’s not good enough!! We spent $1000 of dollars to be here for this install! We bought plane tickets and stayed in a hotel because YOU needed someone to be there! We Demand Compensation!!

ME: Well, I can have the money you paid for the install refunded back.


ME: I’m almost positive we don’t do that but fine, I can doubt check.

MGR1: Yeah no. No way. Are we sure today is a no go?

MGR2: Nope. No way. You can offer monitoring credit but that’s all. If they keep freaking, you can get them to escalations.

MGR3: They want us to cover their travel expenses? Hmm, no. Just apologize and go from there.

ME: I’m very sorry, MSE and MRE, but we are unfortunately unable to compensate for that kind of thing. I can offer free monitoring credit to your account.

MSE: I want a supervisor!!!

ME: Kay. One Sec.

MGR3(truly bless this one) agreed to take the call. I transferred it and took a long bathroom break.

MGR3 told them the exact same thing I did. Last I heard, they were going to check the contract they had signed and call back……

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